Gay women more anxious, fearful when giving birth: research

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Global News

HALIFAX – Giving birth should be a joyous experience but new research from Dalhousie University has found that may not always be the case for a gay woman.

Dr. Lisa Goldberg, an associate professor of nursing, studies support for gay women when they give birth. Her research spanned birth units across Nova Scotia, B.C. and Alberta.

Her findings show that while healthcare workers don’t approach gay women with disrespect, the women are more scared and face more difficulties than heterosexual woman in the maternity ward.

“[They have] a level of anxiety and negative expectations about approaching healthcare,” Goldberg said.

“Part of it is what has come before them, part of it is around some of the language [on forms] that has been used and part of it is some previous experience.”

Members of Halifax’s gay community say the findings aren’t surprising.

“We know generally that the LGBT community has negative experiences…

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