Zambian Couple Arrested a Second Time for Sodomy

Another great blog post highlighting an important point.

AMI Reports

Zambia_Map(Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia) Two men were arrested by police over the weekend for allegedly engaging in homosexual behavior. The men’s bail has been revoked by the police, and the two will remain behind bars until their hearing.

This is not the first time the two gay men, James Mwape and Philp Mubiana, both aged 21 have been arrested for same-sex sexual activity in the central province of Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia. That is why police have decided to revoke the men’s bail so they must stay in prison until they are heard in court.

The two have been living together as “man and wife” according to news outlets, I am guessing in an attempt to fit Zambian cultural norms. One partner played a more “female role”. This so outraged his family that they turned the couple into police. The two were arrested and Standwell Lungu, police chief in Zambia’s central province, was…

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