Gay women more anxious, fearful when giving birth: research

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Global News

HALIFAX – Giving birth should be a joyous experience but new research from Dalhousie University has found that may not always be the case for a gay woman.

Dr. Lisa Goldberg, an associate professor of nursing, studies support for gay women when they give birth. Her research spanned birth units across Nova Scotia, B.C. and Alberta.

Her findings show that while healthcare workers don’t approach gay women with disrespect, the women are more scared and face more difficulties than heterosexual woman in the maternity ward.

“[They have] a level of anxiety and negative expectations about approaching healthcare,” Goldberg said.

“Part of it is what has come before them, part of it is around some of the language [on forms] that has been used and part of it is some previous experience.”

Members of Halifax’s gay community say the findings aren’t surprising.

“We know generally that the LGBT community has negative experiences…

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Gay Days: Under Fire


A recent report found on Huffington Post says that Gay Days in Disney are being hotly debated by One Million Moms.

What are Gay Days, you ask?  They are a series of days/ celebrations that occur over a specified span of time hosted by Disney to encourage Gay Pride in the Disney parks and resorts.  The picture above was taken from one Gay Day.

The people leading the protest are One Million Moms.  Yes, you may remember them for boycotting JC Penney after they hired Ellen as a spokesperson.

But, clearly, that worked out well.

The article can be read here.


Delaware Becomes the 11th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Yay Delaware!

AMI Reports

Great news comes from Delaware today after the state became the 11th in the U.S. to make same-sex marriage legal.

The news comes only a week after Rhode Island became the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage.  Currently, Delaware provides civil unions to same-sex relationships providing their only means of being recognized legally as couple. On July 1, 2013, same-sex marriage will be made legal in the state providing same-sex couples with equal rights to heterosexual couples who marry within the state. Although the new measure will not provide any rights beyond what civil unions previously did within Delaware, it creates a system of marriage without differentiation whether it be by name or by rights awarded. All civil unions previously performed in Delaware will automatically be converted into marriages. Also, same-sex marriages performed in other states will be recognized by Delaware as valid.

The same-sex marriage bill passed the Delaware…

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